World Lung Cancer Day 2018: 10 Common Lung Cancer Myths to Stop Believing

There are lots of inaccurate misconceptions and myths prevailing about lung cancer. Getting the facts behind such misconceptions is useful in better managing the problem. On World Lung Cancer Day, we encourage you to share these differences between myths and facts and a take positive step towards lung cancer cure. Let’s have a look at common lung cancer myths:

Myth 1: I don’t smoke, I cannot get lung cancer

Cigarette SmokingOne of the most common misconceptions is that those who smoke only they can get lung cancer. Undoubtedly, cigarette smoking is most leading cause behind lung cancer but is not the only cause. There are other risk factors for lung cancer as well. Radon gas, workplace substances like asbestos, arsenic etc. can increase lung cancer risk.

Myth 2: Breast Cancer Take More Lives of Women than Lung Cancer

Breast CancerIn fact, lung cancer is equally dangerous disease. Women die from lung cancer are maximum than any other type of lung cancer. Almost 50% of lung cancer cases occur in females.

Myth 3: Nothing can be done to Reduce Lung Cancer Risk


This is another common myth among the people. A lot can be done to lower the risk of developing lung cancer. Quit smoking as early as possible and follow a healthy diet. In addition, regular exercises and non-exposure to radon also helps in lowering the risk of lung cancer.

Myth 4: It is Too Late to Quit Smoking


If you already have lung cancer, still quitting smoking is very essential. Detecting lung cancer at any stage does not allow you to smoke. Those who quit smoking have fewer side effects from the treatments. Also, they are less likely to die from causes other than lung cancer.

Myth 5: No Treatment for Lung Cancer

Doctor Patient

Though lung cancer is not curable, but it is treatable. People have a common misconception of considering it as non-treatable. This is not the case. With advancements in the field of lung cancer treatments, the survival rates are improving. Targeted therapies are available to hold lung cancer and reduce its spread.

Myth 6: Only Older People have Lung Cancer

Increase In Lung Cancer Deaths Among Western Women

It is a common myth that lung cancer is ‘an old person’s disease.’ The reality is that you should never be told that you are too young to get it.  Though it is common among aged persons, but can occur to young and even children. Lung cancer is increasing among youth who smoke. Similarly, old people should not think that age hinders their path for treatment of lung cancer. It can be occurred at any time and also can be treated at any age.

Myth 7: Air Pollution puts me At Greater Risk than Smoking

Air Pollution

Yes, being exposed to diesel exhausts and air pollution raises the risk of lung cancer but the risk is small in comparison to smoking. Quit smoking and stop finding excuses for your lung cancer disease.

Myth 8: I have Lung Cancer, I Cannot Perform Normal Activities


During lung cancer treatment, you can continue to perform your enjoyable and healthy activities. The patients should undertake walking or light exercising. The purpose of treatment is to help them get back to their normal life.

Myth 9: Surgery is dangerous


Some people have this belief that surgery can lead to spread of lung cancer. But, this is not the reality. Even in early stages of lung cancer, surgery helps to cure the disease.

Myth 10: Lung Cancer = Death


Last but not the least, many people have this myth of believing that diagnosing with lung cancer is equivalent to death. But, the lung cancer survival rates are improving. The advanced treatment options are at least able to prolong the lives of the patients. The need of the hour is to make aware people as many as one can.

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