Pollution Is the Cause of Lung Cancer in Indian Females

Among Indian females lung cancer increases rapidly from past few years and it is not by smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco, but due to environmental pollution. In Environmental Performance Index (EPI)-2014 India decreases by 32 levels and reach 155 ranking and capital Delhi got world’s most polluted city dubious tag. Everyone knows that pollution is […]

Sleeping Pills Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer Three Times!!!

Taking sleeping pills regularly for three year or more increases the risk of lung cancer three times and taking sleeping pills twice a week double the risk of lung cancer. According to a study published in the “BMJ Open journal” shown that sleeping pills, or “hypnotics”, like zolpidem (Ambien), temazepam (Restoril), eszopiclone (Lunesta) and zaleplon […]

Lung Cancer Can Be Hidden For 20 Years Without Any Symptom

According to new study, lung cancer shows no signs; even it cannot be diagnosed for up to 20 years. It can be hidden and grow internally with in you without showing any lung cancer symptoms and it would be dangerous, when such deadly disease develop internally without any signs. According to another study published in […]

Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer

Only a smoking or taking tobacco substance is not a single cause of lung cancer, there may be a person who never smoke or chew tobacco; but he is diagnosed with lung cancer. This is only a myth that smoker or taking tobacco person only effect with lung cancer. There are many other Causes of […]

Immune Drug Shows Lower Death Rate Among Advance Lung Cancer

New clinical trial find that immune drug ‘nivolumab’ improve immune system to fight against most common form of lung cancer. Nivolumab increases the survival rate among those patients who suffering from squamous non-small cell lung cancer. Research said patients taking nivolumab have 27% lesser risk of death with comparison to patients taking docetaxel – a […]

Using Statins May Lower The Risk Of Death Among Lung Cancer Patients

A study published in a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research shows that lung cancer patients those taking statins before or after diagnoses of lung cancer can reduce the risk of death due to lung cancer. Statins are those drugs which are taken to reduce the cholesterol level and all of us know […]