Study: Avastin Copycat ABP 215 Found Helpful In Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer!!! People scared from it. Always say it’s a deadly disease. But now many treatments and drugs are developed, Out of these so many drugs one is Avastin Copycat ABP 215 – which found very helpful in lung cancer treatment and it increases the survival rate too. In 2014, Roche’s Avastin is most sold […]

Lung Cancer Preventing Food

People are scared from Lung Cancer and if anyone or his loved one got diagnosed by this disease, then they thought it is an end of life, now no one can save me. But it’s not true; you can live a better and long life after curing from this deadly disease. Just you have to […]

Raw Garlic Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer

Garlic is most powerful spices to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Garlic can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer if used garlic raw in twice a week. Garlic raw supply as a chemo preventive agent for lung cancer. Raw garlic is a great antioxidant capable of decreasing inflammation as well as harmed caused […]

Lung Cancer: Indian Spices Anti-Cancer Agents

Indian spices have lot of properties and big property of Indian spices is cancer-fighting. There is lot of spices which helps to treat lung cancer.  Indian spices have become agents for cancer patients. Spices that cure lung cancer are also known as anti-cancer agents. These anti-cancer spices have great health benefits. Turmeric or Curcumin is […]

Lung Cancer Awareness

Lung cancer is the most leading cause of death among men and women. There are many drugs, treatments about lung cancer; also so many researches are done and ongoing. But there are still many people who do not aware about lung cancer treatments or drugs. The most important awareness about lung cancer is, if you […]

Guidelines And Techniques On How To Avoid Lung Cancer

For some individuals, when they get an analysis of lung cancer, they become totally disheartened. However, if you are getting more details and studying more about the disease, you don’t have to experience this deficiency of wish as you will know that there are methods to get better outcomes from treatment, such as living. The […]

Robot ‘da Vinci®’ Helps You In Lung Cancer Treatment

‘da Vinci®’ a robotic surgery for Lung Cancer Patients. da Vinci® surgery offer a both laparoscopy surgery and/or open surgery. It requires small cuts and gives greater vision, accuracy and good control for the surgeon over patient lung. In this surgery patients recover fast then other and if they want they get back quickly to […]