Red and Processed Meat Can Cause Cancer According to WHO

Cancer is mainly caused by asbestos or smoking cigarette, but you don’t know that red meat or processed meat can also cause cancer. According to International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) - cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO) all red or processed meats like hot dogs, bacon etc. are cancer causing substances. The organization [...]

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Systemic Therapy for Advance Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a dangerous disease and to get cured from this patients need proper treatment and when it’s on advance stage it more necessary to get proper treatment. There [...]

Recurrent Carcinoid Tumor

Once you fully cure from lung carcinoid tumor, there may be a chance that it comes back and this comeback of carcinoid tumor is called recurrence. It’s very rear that after [...]

Palliative Procedures for Lung Carcinoid Tumor Symptoms

Treatments like Palliative Procedures are only done when lung cancer patient can’t have surgery; this is because patient’s lungs functioning is reduced, or have other [...]

Treatments For Lung Carcinoid Tumor

As described on my previous posts about Lung Carcinoid Tumor symptoms, types and tests for diagnoses, now this post I am going to discuss its treatments and their effect. Lung [...]

Other Tests for Lung Carcinoid Tumor

1. Sputum Cytology: Imaging scan shows a detail and exact position about tumor but even then it is hard for doctors to tell it’s a carcinoid lung cancer or other kind of [...]

Biopsies for Lung Carcinoid Tumor

This test is done for finding the exact type of lung cancer. Biopsies are the process of taking small amount of cells from tumor and examine them under microscope. Follow are [...]

Imaging Tests for Lung Carcinoid Tumor

In imaging tests x-rays, radioactive particles, or other means are used by which picture of inner body is created. This test is performed for examining the suspected area of [...]

Tests For Lung Carcinoid Tumor

As you read about Lung Carcinoid Tumor in previous post – in this post you read about this third type of tumor – a very rear type of lung cancer, also you read about its [...]

Lung Carcinoid Tumor

Lung Carcinoid Tumor also called lung neuroendocrine tumors because it is made up of neuroendocrine cells; is a slow growing uncommon tumor and less than 5% lung cancer [...]

Two Types of Lung Cancer

“Bronchogenic carcinomas” is another name of lung cancer. Usually people know and heard about lung cancer stages and its complication. It’s very less that we talk about [...]