Fundraising Campaign For Darby Jils Medical Fund

Jil Bolus1This is my stepmother Jill, she is such a sweet lady, imagine going in for preop testing for a different procedure and finding out that she had stage III lung cancer, the only word that comes to mind is devastated, can you please find it in your heart to help her in anyway you can, no one deserves to have to go through the pain of radiation and chemo and also have to worry about how to get to your doctors appointment for treatment, can you please imagine your self in her situation and help, no amount is too small, anything is greatly appreciated including your prayer, thank you so much in advance please take the time to read her story at the link below:

This is the fundraising campaign for Darby Jils Medical Fund :

Jil Bolus2

Jil Bolus3

When Tissue Test Fails, DNA Test Find Genetic Mutations In Lung Cancer

Cancer DNA circulates in bloods even when no lung cancer tissues presents in body. DNA tests can help doctors to detect Lung Cancer without Biopsy. In European Lung Cancer Conference (ELCC) in Geneva, Switzerland an international group of researchers has reported that Blood DNA test detects the lung cancer mutations and can help a doctor […]

Some Doctors To Screen For Lung Cancer In Smokers Would Hesitate, Why?

Lung cancer is a deadly disease and in USA more than 1,50,000 persons dead each year with it, this number is very much higher than next three cancers i.e. breast, prostate and colon cancers; combined. As more and more peoples get scanned for lung cancer; and doctors think or worry that the test is going […]

A Hope for Mesothelioma Patients with New Lung Cancer Drug Opdivo

There is good news for malignant pleural mesothelioma patients that lung cancer drug opdivo is a new hope for treatment. Opdivo drug help in targeting and killing cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells are key to cancer, cancer stem cells cover only a small portion of cells in a tumor; they are the main cause […]

Benefits of Physical Activity for Lung Cancer Patients

For lung cancer patients in the past, people being handled for a serious sickness and were often informed by their physician to rest and reduce their exercising. This is advice if action causes pain, fast pulse rate, or difficulty breathing. But recent research has revealed that exercise is not only safe and possible during lung […]

Cancer Causing Food Which You Eat Daily

It’s very tough to eat healthy food daily, after long working hours. There are many situations where it attacks but very often. The good example of cancer causing is smoking and overexposure to ultraviolet rays, which cause lung cancer and skin cancer. Here are some foods that you need to avoid, even you say “Everything […]