Robot ‘da Vinci®’ Helps You In Lung Cancer Treatment

‘da Vinci®’ a robotic surgery for Lung Cancer Patients. da Vinci® surgery offer a both laparoscopy surgery and/or open surgery. It requires small cuts and gives greater vision, accuracy and good control for the surgeon over patient lung. In this surgery patients recover fast then other and if they want they get back quickly to […]

Lung Cancer: Tips To Stay Healthy

No one selects to have lung cancer. But once you have it, you can choose how you will face it. Look for possibilities to apply the information from this post as you fight with lung cancer. A lung cancer analysis means you should stop smoking tobacco instantly. Many individuals with lung cancer create the error […]

Study: Teen Marijuana Use Is Not Linked To Health Problems Later

In a study published on 4th August 2015 in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, conducted by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Rutgers University researchers; found chronic marijuana used by young teenagers are not linked to any mental disorder, physical disorder or lung cancer like disease later in his life from more than two […]

New Hope for Lung Cancer Patients with FDA Approval of Gefitinib

In July 15, the U. S. Food and Drug (FDA) Administration approved IRESSA (gefitinib) for the first-line treatment of patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) whose tumors harbor specific types of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutations with an exon 19 deletion or exon 21 (L858R) substitution. The approval is based on […]

Lung Cancer Treatment: New Drug Shows Incredible Result

A new drug has given lung cancer patients an extra year of life, according to results from previous medicine. There are 200,000 people having diseased with lung cancer this year and almost 160,000 people will die from lung cancer. But now we do not need to worry because a new drug has developed that is […]

Diagnoses of Lung Cancer Goes Down But Death Rate Remain High

If lung cancer is diagnosed at a first stage, there is a possibility of a cure. Nowadays, the diagnoses of lung cancer are expected to turn down, but death rates are increasing day by day according to specialist. Experts declaring that generations-long anti-smoking campaigns are starting to take effect. Lung cancer mortality rate is expected […]