Lung Cancer Awareness

Stop SmokingLung cancer is the most leading cause of death among men and women. There are many drugs, treatments about lung cancer; also so many researches are done and ongoing. But there are still many people who do not aware about lung cancer treatments or drugs.

The most important awareness about lung cancer is, if you are smoker then immediately stops smoking; there are many cases of people who quit smoking and early cure by lung cancer. Don’t think now I caught with lung cancer why should now I stop smoking – “What was to happen, was happened.” Also for non-smokers avoided second-hand smoke. Second hand smoke is the biggest cause of lung cancer now-a-days, for which people are not aware and keep inhaling second-hand smoke. People think the person who smoking only had a danger about cancer; we are who inhaling are safe. It’s wrong; we are also in same danger as we are inhaling its smoke too.

The people who are leaving the area where radon is present in air or are working on a place where radon is used, those are also had a chance to caught by lung cancer. As Radon is also a causing factor for lung cancer.

Cancer is curable but if early diagnoses, as above said there are lots of treatments and drugs are investigated for Lung cancer; people do not properly aware about them. There are lots of such treatments which are pain less like ‘da Vinci’ robot surgery, in this surgery patient cure fast and get their daily life back soon, as this need only few cuts and done through camera and robot help.

You must aware about lung cancer symptoms that will help you to diagnose disease early stage and cure easily. Coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing up blood are the main signs of lung cancer. If you had any of these sign, go get tested by a doctor and start you treatment immediately.

While you or your loved one diagnosed with this deadly disease, don’t get panic and don’t loose hope. First start your treatment immediately, not leave your daily work, be active, start reading about disease over net – there are lots of website who providing information about lung cancer, but don’t only read about disease dangers, read how to be active with this disease, what are the treatments, what to do or what not to do with lung cancer, etc.

At the end, lung cancer or any kind of cancer is curable and success only get if patient do not leave hope and retain willpower. Encourage person to fight with lung cancer, don’t let them down, be with them always in any situation. Only the family and friends are the strength of patient.

Be aware about lung cancer and also aware other too.

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