Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer

Only a smoking or taking tobacco substance is not a single cause of lung cancer, there may be a person who never smoke or chew tobacco; but he is diagnosed with lung cancer. This is only a myth that smoker or taking tobacco person only effect with lung cancer.

There are many other Causes of Lung Cancer rather than of smoking and tobacco. Here I am going to explain few of them…

Radon Gas:

The most leading cause of lung cancer in non-smoker is radon gas. Radon gas is a naturally-occurring gas that forms when uranium decompose; in harmless amount it occurs naturally outside, but several times during the construction of the houses it concentrated in soil due to natural uranium deposits. Radon gas can’t be smell and seen, due to that there is a chance of lung cancer is greater in those who lived in radon affected house for many without knowing it; the only way to know that radon is in your house is to do test for it.

Secondhand SmokeSecondhand Smoke:

Every year thousands of non-smoker youngsters were die due to lung cancer as a result of breathing secondhand smoke. Secondhand Smoke (SHS), also called passive smoking or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), is to inhale the smoke of other regular smoker’s like your family member or your friend or in a public place. Law like ban of smoking in public places will reduce the risk of secondhand smoke lung cancer, but what about the people who smoke in home or a private office cabin is it also good to other???


People say that sugar disease is heredity, but not only sugar disease is heredity sometimes lung cancer also heredity. Like not all smokers develop lung cancer due to individual genetic susceptibility, like that various studies shows that there is a change of lung cancer in non-smokers if his father or four-father had lung cancer.

Air PollutionAir Pollution:

Both indoor and outdoor air pollutions like vehicles, industry or power plants can develop lung cancer in an individual. Increased carcinogens in air pollution significantly increased the risk of lung cancer, many researchers concluded it. It also has been estimated that many lung cancer deaths may be caused by breathing polluted air.

There are many other causes of lung cancer, but above are the most common causes. So, anyone can have lung cancer, it’s better to know lung cancer at early stage so it can cure easily. To know lung cancer at early stage you must know early lung cancer symptoms.

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