Daily Routine of a Lung Cancer Patient

Daily Routine of a Lung Cancer PatientLiving with lung cancer is lot more than just fighting with the physical disease. A lung cancer patient faces various mental, psychological and emotional challenges. One needs to learn to live positively and take the required treatments for the survival.

Living with Lung Cancer

The daily routine includes fighting with the cancer, following proper diet, exercising and right treatment. The regular treatment covers surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Such treatment methods can have lasting effects on the general health of the patient. One needs to experience various physical challenges during the treatment.

BathingBathing and Grooming

The lung cancer patients should use warm water for taking the bath or showering. The towels, toothbrush and other toiletries should be kept within their easy reach. The patients wear low-heeled shoes.

Emotional TrialsEmotional Trials

During lung cancer treatment, some patients fear that cancer will never be cured while some think that it return after cure. Some find it difficult to fight with the effects of lung cancer as it interrupts their daily living. They face various emotional challenges and some feel depressed. It is really important to cope up with them and work towards leading a healthy life.


Exercising also plays a pivotal role in improving the strength and quality of life. One should slowly start with light walking or physical therapy to build cardiovascular strength. The patients who are active previously may work on more activities. The doctors recommend the exercises based on the health and treatment schedule.

Fruits and VeggiesMeals

Proper diet is very essential for the long survival of the patient. The meals should be taken in small portions and in regular intervals. You can also read out our blog post on lung cancer diet to know about the dishes to eat and the ones to avoid.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet along with exercising helps to promote healthy living among the lung cancer patient.

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