What Is The Treatment For Lung Cancer?

Lung Cancer TreatmentThe treatment for lung cancer depends on the type of lung cancer one has, the stage of lung cancer and the general health of the patient. The doctor also considers the possible side effects of the treatment as well as other lung problems like chronic bronchitis. Here, we discuss about the common treatment options for lung cancer:


Lung cancer surgery is the most successful one when performed by experienced specialists. The surgery can be done alone or in combination with other treatments. Mostly, Stage I and Stage II non-small cell lung cancers are treated with surgery to remove the tumor. The surgeon removes the lobe or section that contains the tumor.


In Chemotherapy, special medicines are used to kill the cancer. The drugs can be given in your veins or are taken via mouth or sometimes both. Chemotherapy is generally the main treatment for small cell lung cancer. Chemotherapy involves the combination of drugs for the treatment of lung cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy allows doctors to target lung cancer more precisely and deliver the maximum amount of radiation with minimal damage to healthy cells.

Targeted Therapy Drugs

The targeted therapies work to stop the growth of cancer cells by interfering with certain proteins and receptors that supply the tumor. New lung cancer treatment involves the use of drugs and some of these include:

Thermal Ablation

Ablation treatment is generally offered when surgery or radiotherapy are not considered suitable. It involves inserting needles into the cancer to destroy cancer cells by heating them.

Choosing the Right Treatment

You should talk to your doctor about the various treatment options for lung cancer available for your type and stage of cancer.

The research is continuous researching for newer, safer and more effective lung cancer treatments that come with lesser side effects.

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