Trial Shows Novel Vaccine’s Potential for Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer TreatmentA new vaccine has shown to improve survival rate among people suffering from lung cancer. A French biotechnology company said that Ose Immunotherapeutics’ Tedopi vaccine was effective in decreasing death risk among lung cancer patients by 41%. This vaccine was administrated to patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer which is the most common type of lung cancer. Also, it is usually less sensitive to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In this trial, a total of 219 patients took part in nine European countries and the United States. Of these, 139 patients received the vaccine and 80 received chemotherapy.

In this study, they found that those who received Tedopi shoed significantly higher survival rates and better quality of life as compared to those who received chemotherapy. Professor Benjamin Besse from the Gustave Roussy Institute, said in a statement, “A significant 41% reduction in the risk of death was observed, associated with an improved tolerance score and maintained quality of life.” “Further evaluation is clearly warranted in a second line of treatment of advanced and metastatic NSCLC, to potentially make this cancer vaccine available to hard-to-treat patients in failure and with high medical needs,” Besse added.

Study: Avastin Copycat ABP 215 Found Helpful In Lung CancerThe overall survival rate with Tedopi at one year was 44.4% in comparison to 27.5% with chemotherapy. They also found a clinically meaningful benefit in median overall survival of 3.6 months in patients who received the vaccine. Also, post progression survival was significantly greater in length for Tedopi: 7.7 months in comparison with 4.6 months for chemotherapy.

This vaccine trial was used as a third-line treatment which means that the patients had already received two other therapies. The Tedopi vaccine is effective in patients with the HLA-A2 gene, which is present in about half the population, as per Ose Immunotherapeutics. But this vaccine still has to be tested in a new trial early next year before its submission for marketing authorization in the year 2027.

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