Third-Line Treatment for Lung Cancer

Third-Line Treatment for Lung CancerLung cancer is not only developed on smokers or people who comes under regular contact of radon gases; but it also happen in other people. Smoking is a major cause of cancer but pollution also a cause of lung cancer, special in women’s. In this lung cancer blog I am regularly providing information about lung cancer; today I am writing about third-line treatment for lung cancer after systemic therapy, first-line treatment and second-line treatment.

Third-line treatment is suggested when first-line treatment, second-line treatment fails and chemotherapy is not recommended; in this drug or combination of drugs given to the patient.

Third-line treatment is recommended for patients:

  • Who have not received erlotinib or gefitinib; for those PS of 0 to 3: erlotinib recommends as third-line treatment.
  • When data is not insufficient to recommend cytotoxic drugs as routine third-line.
  • Patient should consider clinical trials, experimental treatment or immunotherapy.
  • Best supportive (palliative) care is considered without changing the previous recommendations. Palliative care considered as a major goal of third-line treatment, regardless the choice of patient’s treatment.
  • Chemotherapy is not recommended.

Third-line treatment is suggested, that does not mean that you did not get the right first-line treatment and second-line treatment. This means that your tumor did not cure with these treatment and you need other treatments or more round of treatments; to get good result and/or cure fast.

Like other treatments third-line treatments success also depend on:

  • Type of lung cancer;
  • Stage of lung cancer;
  • Age and overall health of patient;
  • How long and how well your other treatment worked;
  • Record of side effects during first-line treatment and second-line treatment.

Concern your doctor before starting any kind of treatment whether it is a first-line treatment, Second-line treatment or third-line treatment. Your doctor will suggest your batter then other. This blog is to aware you about treatments not to suggest you about treatment without doctor concern.

Always follow your doctor and cure fast. Live healthy!!!

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