Pears May Help Fight Lung Cancer

PearsLung cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men and women. It is the leading cancer causing deaths. You have probably heard about the foods and diet that may help to lower the risk of developing lung cancer. For those who are fighting with the deadly disease of lung cancer, healthy diet and good habits play a pivotal role. There are specific foods that are beneficial in reducing its effects such as Pears.

Pears consists powerful antioxidants that work to prevent the onset of lung cancer. They contain a phytochemical which is called phloretin. This phloretin is known for its anti-tumor activities. In a study, it was found that phloretin induced programmed cell death in non small cell lung cancer cells. The researchers concluded that this phloretin may be used as an addition in treatment of lung cancer. Phloretin may also work to reduce fibrosis in the lung cancer.

The researchers suggest that eating pears may protect against lung cancer. Pears are loaded with fibers, Vitamin C and antioxidants to prevent this disease. Two studies have been linked to increasing the intake of fruits and especially those in Rosaceae family: pears. One study observed over 520000 participants in Europe and found that increasing intake of pears decreased the risk of developing lung cancer.

Pears is also known for other health benefits such as helping weight loss, lowering cardiovascular disease and cholesterol, lowering risk of diabetes and preventing constipation while promoting a healthy digestive tract.

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