Lung Cancer Spread To Other Body Parts: Everything You Need To Know

Tumor | Lung CancerOne of the most common forms of cancers is lung cancer. The survival of lung cancer largely depends on the type of cancer, stage of cancer, the overall diagnosis and the health of patient. Lung cancer accounted for over 1 in 8 cancer diagnoses in 2020, as per the statistics released by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Lung cancer, over the period of time, spreads to other parts of the body and receiving a diagnosis may be challenging at that stage. The early lung cancer is detected, the better are the survival rates. It is very important to limit the growth of tumor cells, otherwise they get easily spread. In the early stages of lung cancer, it may spread to nearby lymph nodes and within the chest cavity. But, at later stages, lung cancer spread is not only restricted to lungs but spread to more distant parts as well. The most common sites for lung cancer spread include but not limited to the liver, bones, brain, and adrenal glands in the kidneys.

The tumor cells may spread to nearby tissues in the chest or they may also spread throughout the body via blood vessels.Thus, performing of various tests help in learning lung cancer spread. Some of the lung cancer tests include blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, bone scans, chest X-rays and PET scans. As lung cancer spreads to nearby lymph nodes, people may have no symptoms. When it spreads beyond the lungs, one may notice a lump in neck or armpit. Early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer improves the survival rates. New treatments such as immunotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery etc. often offer hope that long-term survival may be possible. While drugs may not work for everyone; but it has had excellent results among most of the patients. One should speak out to doctor for all possible options if diagnosed with lung cancer.


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