Lung Cancer Rates Are On the Rise among Young Women

Lung Cancer in WomenAn International Journal of Cancer study examined lung cancer rates in young adults in 40 countries across five continents. The study has found that a recent trend of higher lung cancer rates has been found more in women than men. Their team of researchers has uncovered a trend of higher rates of lung cancer in women compared with men in the recent years. This study has contracted earlier studies which noted that lung cancer rates were converging between sexes.

According to the team members, including those from the University of Calgary in Canada, the emerging trend is widespread. It is affecting women in countries across different geographic locations as well as income levels. The increase is driven by cases of adenocarcinoma of lung. Adenocarcinoma is a cancer type that forms in mucus-secreting glands in body. “In conclusion, the emerging higher lung cancer incidence rates in young women compared to young men is widespread, and not fully explained by sex differences in smoking patterns,” the study reported.

In earlier studies, the researchers noted that lung cancer rates were noted to be higher among men than women as men started smoking in large numbers and at higher rates. But, more recent studies, reported converging incidence rates of lung cancer between sexes.

Additional research is required to be made in this arena for identifying the reasons for incidence of lung cancer among young women. People within the age group of 55 to 74 years are more susceptible to the disease and thus, are recommended for screening.  The best way to prevent or reduce lung cancer risk is to quit smoking and make lifestyle modifications including a healthy diet, being physically active and avoiding secondhand smoke as well.

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