Lung Cancer in Women

Lung Cancer in WomenObviously, lung cancer in women differs from lung cancer in men; female lung cancer is always at its high level, because the body structure of women tends to favor the progress of cancer more than men’s body do. Lung cancer is said to be the leading cause of death among women with lung cancer diseases. It is responsible for most cause of death in women than other types of cancer such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer and so on. Lung cancer risk is drastically reducing in men, but the rate of the risk in women remains high.

Smoking is one of the risk factors for the development of lung cancer in women. Women tends to be more addictive to smoking, and it is always difficult for them to quit the habit. The inability to stop smoking increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Besides smoking, women who don’t smoke also face the risk of developing lung cancer when exposed to cigarette smoke, radon gas, and other causative factors. Adenocarcinomas is the lung cancer that is mostly common in women, it often develops in the outer region of the lung, and these tumors can grow large and spread before they begin to exhibit symptoms.

Speaking of woman’s body structure favoring lung cancer, here are some facts that explains it clearly.

  • Woman’s lungs are vulnerable: Women are more susceptible to the development of lung cancer than men. When a woman is addicted to smoking, the risk of developing lung cancer is twice as that of a man who also smokes.
  • Women are more addicted to smoking: Women finds it hard to quit smoking; they have a high sense of addiction, and their rate of relapse is high. They are more vulnerable to cancerous attack than men.
  • The role of estrogen: The secretion of estrogen in women plays a great role in the progression of lung cancer. Women who have had experience of the lung being removed by surgery before menopause are at high risk of developing lung cancer.

However, in spite of the fact that women has a high risk of developing lung cancer than men, it is also a fact that women have a higher tendency of responding to treatment faster, and also live longer than men with the disease.

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