Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Some Tips to Prevent Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancers all around the world. In recent times, lung cancer has become extremely common and is responsible for millions of death, every year. Also, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has add-on the risk of lung cancer. Although there are treatments that help in lung cancer treatment, but early diagnosis and timely treatment remains of utmost importance in increasing its survival rates.

To increase awareness among people about lung cancer, November is observed as Lung Cancer Awareness month. Let us understand what we can do to minimize the risk of this deadly disease.

Fruits and VeggiesBalanced Diet

Take a healthy and balanced diet to reduce the risk of getting deadly diseases like lung cancer and other related health problems. Replacing sugar with jaggery is also a good choice as jiggery is known to be a lung cleanser. Staying hydrated is very useful for your lungs and thus, you should drink lots of water.


Quit Smoking This November: Lung Cancer Awareness MonthQuit Smoking

Smoking remains the leading cause of deaths due to lung cancer. One needs to ensure that the habit of smoking stays away for forever and is not just for few days or months.

Reduce Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke

Though you haven’t smoked, but if you stand around your friends and colleagues that enjoy cigarette; then it can be more harmful than you may have thought of. You should make sure that you do not expose yourself to second-hand smoke.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises help a lot to keep the lungs healthy and clean. Breathing lets you take the oxygen in and pump out carbon dioxide from your body. Deep breathing helps in making full use of your lung capacity. Laughing is also useful in clearing out the harmful gasses through stale air present inside your lungs by force.

It is crucial to take more precautions especially in this prevailing pandemic. If you face any health issues, contact your healthcare practitioner immediately.


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