Is Cinnamon Beneficial for Lung Cancer Patients?

Twak (Cinnamon)Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices and has a naturally sweet flavor. It is obtained from the inner bark of several tree species.  It is widely used in Ayurveda and has turned out to be a natural remedy for a variety of health issues. Cinnamon is warm and full of nutritional benefits. It has long been known to help control blood glucose level in diabetic people. It is widely used in a variety of cuisines, snacks, and traditional foods.

The aroma and flavor of cinnamon is derived from its essential oil. The bark of cinnamon is used as a spice and is principally employed in cookery as a flavoring material. It is very easy to add cinnamon in your diet. You can add it to your oatmeal or hot cereal and apple slices. One can also add it to coffee or tea for availing its health benefits.

As far as lung cancer is concerned, cinnamon may protect patients. Cinnamon is widely studied for its potential use in cancer prevention as well as treatment. It acts by reducing the growth of cancer cells and formation of tumors. Cinnamon has appeared to be useful in causing cancer cell death. A study on mice found that cinnamon worked as a potent activator of detoxifying enzymes. This helped in protection against further growth of cancer.

Cinnamon also helps in lowering the risk of getting lung cancer. Just like turmeric, more research is required to be done in the area of cinnamon supplements and the medication interactions for lung cancer patients.

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