Ayurvedic Drug: Sameer-Pannag-Ras to Treat Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer and smoking is the biggest risk factor of it. Ayurvedic medicines are increasingly being used for the prevention of spread of lung cancer to other parts of the body. They are used in addition to the standard line of treatment and help to control lung cancer spread. With lung cancer treatment in ayurveda, the herbs help to improve the quality of life and thus, increasing the survival chances of the patient as well. One of the useful ayurvedic herbs is Sameer Pannag Ras. The key ingredients are shudh mansheel, sankhiya, hartal, shudh parad and bhavana-ghrit kumara ras. It is known to be prepared from herbs as well as minerals. It comes in the form of tablet or powder.


This ayurvedic herb is used for treatment of respiratory and joint problems. It helps to purify the blood and treat lung cancer. In addition, the herb is also helpful in treating chronic and complicated diseases, and joint diseases with fever, asthma, cold and cough. The herb is useful in treating joint pain, cough, and sudden shortness of breath or breathing difficulty.


Generally, the dosage of Sameer Pannag Ras is 125mg once or twice a day before or after the food or as directed by ayurvedic doctor. It is normally taken with honey or warm water.

Side Effects

The medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision and self medication is strictly not advised. It should be avoided in children and pregnant and lactating mothers. The over-dosage of the ayurvedic herb may cause poisonous side effects.

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