Ayurvedic Drug: Nag-Guti to Treat Lung Cancer

Nag GutiAyurvedic medicine is way of treating a wide range of illnesses and medical issues. It is widely being used for treatment of lung cancer. Ayurveda for lung cancer helps patients in reducing the side effects involved with the treatment. It is used as an additional therapy after consultation with your doctor. Lung cancer treatment makes the patients physically as well as emotionally weak. On the other hand, use of ayurvedic herbs help to enhance the immunity of the person and work to improve the quality of life. One of the recommended ayurvedic herbs is Nag-Guti.

Nag-Guti ayurvedic herbs help to increase the chances of survival of those suffering from this deadly disease. As most lung cancer suffers from allergic bronchitis, it is used in its treatment. It is used for cough, jaundice, thrust, fever, delusion and other medical conditions. The herb is remedial for common cold and is an efficient immunity accelerator. The ayurvedic medicine prevents early recurrence of cold and body ache.

When lung cancer is detected, you should avoid smoking and alcohol. You should increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains while reducing sugar intake. You can also check out our post on foods to avoid and foods to take when suffering from lung cancer. With right medication, diet and positive approach, lung cancer can be treated.

Although ayurvedic medicines do not come with any side effects, but self medication can be very dangerous. You should always use them under the strict supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

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