Are Cloves Beneficial for Lung Cancer Patients?

Clove (Long) | Lung CancerRole of Indian Spices

Indian spices are a delicious tool in every kitchen and a great variety of them has shown to block cancer promoting molecule. In other words, these spices play unique cancer fighting role. These spices are receiving much attention as a possible source of cancer chemopreventive compounds. One of the lesser known spices is Cloves. They have antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.  Cloves are unopened bud of evergreen clove tree. They look like tiny nails and are dried to a deep brown. Their Latin root “Clavus” means “nail”. They are a commonly used spice and food flavor.

Cloves and Lung Cancer

Cloves work to prevent cancer cells from multiplying in lung cancers. In various studies, clove extract has shown to slow down the growth of human cancer cells. The study also looked at effect of clove extract on tumor growth in mice. It was found that the tumors grew significantly less in mice treated with clove extract as compared to others in the group.

The observations regarding the relation between cloves and lung cancer signify chemopreventive potential of cloves. On the other hand, a lot more research and findings need to be done to come up at some conclusive results. They might play a crucial role in future of lung cancer treatment as they can slow down cancer cell multiplication.

Other Benefits of Cloves

Cloves have proven to fight off bacteria and are good for oral health. They are great in any form of oral disease. Cloves have also shown to prevent blood clots and skin problems. These are effective in reducing inflammatory joint pain as well.

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