6 Useful Improvements in Lung Cancer Treatment

lungWhen it comes to lung cancer treatment, it has come a long way. From the myths of lung cancer being incurable to a cured disease, the treatment options have risen.  Researchers are continuously working towards improvements in the field of lung cancer. Lung cancer is no longer incurable. Lung cancer remains the leading cause of deaths from cancer. World Lung Cancer Day is celebrated on August 1 each year to raise awareness among the people. Here, we offer insight about the important updates in the treatment of lung cancer.

  1. Surgery is one of the most used treatment option for patients with early-stage lung cancer who are in good health status. The advancements in technology have resulted in successful surgeries and successful removal of all tumor cells. Read more
  2. Chemotherapy utilizes special medicines to shrink or kill the cancer. The chemotherapy drugs work to target the food source of cancer cells and kill them. The combination of drugs with cisplatin or carboplatin is used with another drug for the treatment. Read more
  3. Radiation therapy delivers high energy x-rays to destroy rapidly dividing cancer cells. It is used as a primary treatment or before and after the surgery to eliminate cancer cells. Read more
  4. Ayurveda has also come up with a significant role to play in lung cancer treatment. This traditional method utilizes a number of ayurvedic herbs to ease the side effects resulting from modern treatment options. Read more
  5. Combining lung and breast cancer drugs are being effective in killer cancer cells. The combined agent works to better block these cells. They can overcome tumor-feeling mechanism. Read more
  6. Thanks to the growth of artificial intelligence, Google AI is able to detect lung cancer with great accuracy. The AI system uses deep learning to analyze anatomy on chest CT scans and patches based on object detection techniques. Read more

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