Treatments For Lung Carcinoid Tumor

Carcinoid TumorAs described on my previous posts about Lung Carcinoid Tumor symptoms, types and tests for diagnoses, now this post I am going to discuss its treatments and their effect. Lung Carcinoid Tumor is very rare type of lung cancer, but it is. So, we need to know about its treatment also.

Normally on the bases of type and extent of cancer doctor treat lung carcinoid tumor. Most of the doctors divide these type tumors in two types and then treat; these are:

I. Resectable Tumors:

In this type of tumor patients tumor is not spread too much and found where it is started. This type of carcinoid tumor is treated by surgery if patient healthy enough for surgery. The extent of surgery depends on type, size and location of tumor. Usually nearby lymph nodes are removed as well. Extent of Atypical carcinoid is more than Typical carcinoid.

Even it’s also seen that most of the lung carcinoid tumor patients after surgery cured completely and no need of further any treatment related to this type of tumor.

II. Unresectable Tumors:

In this type of tumor patients tumor is spread too much and difficult to remove by surgery; also patients with this type of tumor are not healthy enough for surgery.

Mostly this unresectable tumors treatment is depend on type of tumor; Typical carcinoid are treated by radiation therapy while Atypical carcinoid are treated by chemotherapy (chemo) and radiation therapy. If cancer is in most advanced stage like stages IIIB or IV then systemic treatment also used with radiotherapy.

Usually lung carcinoid tumor spread to liver first and if it’s not be possible to remove it with surgery then liver transplant is another option to treat tumor. This treatment is very complex and only done on few transplant centers.

Knowing about lung carcinoid tumor is not enough, if you have any symptoms; go and get tested by doctor and let him decide which type of your tumor and which treatment is good for you. Never decide by yourself.

Knowledge is good, but applying knowledge not in under supervision of specialist of worst.

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