Study: Cardiovascular Workout To Protect Against Lung Cancer

Lung CancerIn a new study, it has been found that men with better cardio fitness had lower risk of lung cancer. This study has been published in JAMA Network Open. It has been titled, “Association Between Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Cancer Incidence and Cancer-Specific Mortality of Colon, Lung, and Prostate Cancer Among Swedish Men.

The researchers from the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences took data from 177,709 men in age group of 18 to 75 years old. To measure cardio fitness of the participants, they measured VO2 Max, the ability to use oxygen during exercise. They utilized men pedal on a stationary bicycle for six minutes to calculate steady heart rate which was then used to calculate V02 max. Those with highest levels of fitness had lower risk of dying from lung cancer, prostate and colon.

In addition to this, they adjust the other lifestyle factors of the participants. These include health conditions, smoking habits etc. The study also shown that the participants with at least moderate cardio fitness had lower risk of deaths in comparison to those with lowest fitness scores.

This data from New study has revealed that the cardiovascular health is not only helpful in preventing heart diseases, but also in lowering the risk of cancers including lung cancer. Cardiovascular exercises cover walking, swimming, running, cycling and others that work to raise the heart rate and let you breathe harder. To improve physical fitness, it also involves taking a holistic approach to get the best results. These cover strength training, balanced nutrition, sufficient sleep and rest, and more.  By including cardiovascular exercises and adopting a holistic approach to physical fitness, one takes useful steps towards better health and reduce risk towards deadly diseases including lung cancer.

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