Sleeping Pills Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer Three Times!!!

Sleeping PillsTaking sleeping pills regularly for three-year or more increases the risk of lung cancer three times and taking sleeping pills twice a week double the risk of lung cancer. According to a study published in the “BMJ Open journal” shown that sleeping pills, or “hypnotics”, like zolpidem (Ambien), temazepam (Restoril), eszopiclone (Lunesta) and zaleplon (Sonata) are more likely to develop lung cancer. The patients who were taking sleeping pills die prematurely, than those who are not taking sleeping pills.

During the study of 20 years, scientist from Norway, Finland and the UK; are thought that sleeping pills are the largest and highlighted cause of lung cancer. This study is done on nearly 30,000 people and found a high risk of growth of deadly disease cancerous cells in the mouth, nose or windpipe.

In another study scientist compared the death rate with two groups, one who were taking prescribed sleeping pills – more than 10,500 people and other who were not taking – more than 23,600; this study shows that the average age is 54 years those taking sleeping pills regularly.

This study also shows that the risk is not lower for those who were taking fewer than 18 doses a year, they also had three-and-a-half times more risk than who were not taking sleeping pills; and those taking sleeping pills frequently between 18 and 132 doses in a year are dead at the end of the study and had four times more risk than not taking pills people. Those taking sleeping pills more than 132 doses in a year have five times more risk than not taking sleeping pills persons.

This study not emphasize on that the sleeping pills are the main cause of lung cancer, but the people who were in a greater risk of dying or developing lung cancer are more likely to be prescribed for sleeping pills.

Researcher from Cancer Research UK also said that it is too early to say that sleeping pills are cause or linked to the risk of early death or development of lung cancer. Still the best advice is same to lower the risk of lung cancer that are don’t smoke, reduce alcohol, take balanced diet, keeping the healthy weight, regular exercise, be active and enjoy sun safely.

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