Research: With the Use of SapC-DOPS Technology, Lung Cancer May Be Treatable

SapC DOPS TechnologySapC-DOPs (Saposin C dioleoylphosphatidylserine) is a bio therapeutic agent which is being discovered as a new targeted treatment for lung cancer. SapC-DOPs is said to contain lysosome protein, it has the ability to kill lung cancer cells in human body without harming or affecting the normal cells. SapC-DOPs consist of two compounds which are named sapocin C and dioleoylphosphatidylserine. These compounds combine to form nanaovesicles which targets and kills lung cancer cells.

Interestingly, the SapC-DOPs does not just have the ability to kill only lung cancer cell, it can kill other types of cancer cells with the inclusion of brain cancer cells, skin cancer cells, prostate cancer cells, breast cancer cells, pancreatic cancer cells, and so on. With lung cancer posing the most threat among other types of cancer in the world, the new Sapc-DOPs are seen as a potential targeted therapy for lung cancer treatment. Sapc-DOPs is now seen as the best lung cancer treatment available as it does not has any side effect, unlike the existing treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery which seems to have side effects thereby adding to the pains of cancer patients.

There has not been any detection of side effect in the new bio therapeutic agent; this makes it the most preferable treatment available for lung cancer and other types of cancer. Now that the Sapc-DOPs have proven to be effective in the fight against lung cancer, an addition to the list of clinical trial is imminent. Once it is included as a clinical trial, and the evaluation of its effect in lung cancer patients turns out successful then we can say that, the fight against lung cancer what just began. Of course the SapC-DOPs can be improved with further researches, and clinical studies. This will continue to increase the hope of totally winning the fight against lung cancer worldwide.

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