Research: Grape Constituent Could Cure Lung Cancer

Grape BlackLung Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases with which the whole world is fighting. Researchers have found that one of the compounds found in grape, Resveratrol, could protect you against lung cancer when administrated nasally. In the experiments with mice, the researchers from the University of Geneva prevented lung cancer using resveratrol. Resveratrol is a well-known molecule and is commonly found in food supplements.

In this research, they conducted 26-week study on four groups of mice. The first group received neither carcinogen nor resveratrol treatment. The second group received only carcinogen. The third group received both and the treatment. The fourth group of mice received only treatment. The team decided to give resveratrol through the nose so that the substances reach the lung. They were able to confirm the hypothesis about the benefits of resveratrol contained in the grapes.

Grape Red“In the mice that received a carcinogen, those who took resveratrol developed fewer and smaller tumors than the untreated mice,” explains Prof. Muriel Cuendet from the UNIGE Faculty of Science. “Resveratrol could, therefore, play a preventive role against lung cancer,” Cuendet added. The tumor size of the mice that received resveratrol was reduced by approximately half as compared to the other group where it was not observed. Resveratrol may play an important preventive role in fighting against lung cancer.

Grape GreenGiving resveratrol through the nose might be an effective way to protect against lung cancer. The resveratrol concentration obtained in the lungs after nasal administration was 22 times higher than taken orally. The research team will now be focusing on finding a biomarker that could find those people who are eligible for the preventive treatment with resveratrol.


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