Recurrent Carcinoid Tumor

Carcinoid TumorOnce you fully cure from lung carcinoid tumor, there may be a chance that it comes back and this comeback of carcinoid tumor is called recurrence. It’s very rear that after treatment fully cured cancer comes back, but yes in many cases it’s come back. In carcinoid tumor there is a chance that its comes back.

Recurrence is of two types:

Local: Local recurrence means a carcinoid tumor comes back at the same or nearby place where it is previously.

Distant: Distant recurrence means a carcinoid tumor comes back to same place but spread to other organs like liver or bone.

When you feel symptoms again for carcinoid tumor, don’t neglect them by thinking that I am fully cure from carcinoid tumor and now it’s not come back. Go to your doctor and get tested for these symptoms, maybe you are again suffering from carcinoid tumor. As, there is a chance that it’s comes back.

Carcinoid tumor can come back after several years of initial treatment. Lung carcinoid tumor survivors have learned to accept any uncertainty and always prepare them to fight with it.

If recurrence of lung carcinoid tumor is happen, you need to again go from further treatment depending on cancer type and treatment options. Once it comes back first treatment is surgery to completely remove its symptoms. If surgery is not possible because of body health or other medical problem, than radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or other drugs may be tried.

Recurrent carcinoid tumor is hard than previous cured tumor and it is good to have new treatment in clinical trials.

Once you fully cured from lung carcinoid tumor, doctor will still want to watch you closely to examine your further health and symptoms. If you don’t want to make your recurrence danger, must follow your doctor after fully cure. He knows you very well and maybe he ask you for further tests.

Don’t neglect your doctor after fully cure and visit your doctor regularly to avoid the danger of recurrence.

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