Plant Compound Berberine May Help Fight Lung Cancer

lung | Lung CancerLung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths among men and women and the scientific community continues to make efforts to find new ways for lung cancer treatment. In a new study, the researchers have found that the natural compound berberine could effectively fight lung cancer cells. This compound is generally found in plants like barberry and goldenseal and this herbal treatment can have suppressive effect on lung cancer.

Lead researcher Dr Kamal Dua, a senior lecturer in Pharmacy at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia says, “Berberine has shown therapeutic benefits for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We were keen to explore its potential in suppressing lung cancer and reducing inflammation.” This study explores the effects of berberine on non-small cell lung cancer and it was published in journal Pharmaceuticals.

The researchers have found that berberine exhibits potent anti-cancer activity and suppressed the cancer cell growth. They measure the mRNA levels of tumor-associated genes and protein expression levels to determine the effectiveness of berberine. They also discovered that it boasts tumor suppressor genes and lowers proteins involved in call cell proliferation. This study follows research also led by Dr. Dua where berberine can inhibit oxidative stress; reduce inflammation and cellular senescence induced by cigarette smoke extract.

Also, berberine is useful in number of health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc. It is also being used for ages in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. The team of researchers is now working to translate the results of the study conducted into something beneficial for the lung cancer patients. They work to figure out the best formulation for these nano particles so that berberine can be offered in non-toxic form to the patients.

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