November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November: Lung Cancer Awareness MonthNovember is the official Lung Cancer awareness month. In 1995 it started as Lung Cancer awareness day, as lung cancer movements and communities grew it developed into lung cancer awareness month. Awareness about lung cancer is necessary as it is a second common cancer and 1 out of 5 people with lung cancer never smoke, also women are more diagnosed with lung cancer, other than other cancer.

As lung cancer is the number one cancer killer among others, it is not only developing in smokers but also catch non-smokers in very different ways such as second-hand smoke, radon gas, air pollution etc. Not only is a single cause a cause of lung cancer but many others. So, you don’t say that only smokers can cause lung cancer, yes they have very big chance to develop lung cancer among non-smokers.

While you diagnosed by lung cancer and your chemo is going on; be active, do physical exercise regularly, take health & proper diet, always be in touch with your physician, finally don’t loose hope – lung cancer also curable whether it is a number one cancer killing cancer “Where There’s A Will, There Is A Way”.

There is no doubt that the cancer is a deadly disease but now many drugs, treatments are invented and lung cancer is truly curable; also many more researches are going on. Even in Ayurveda there is a treatment for lung cancer. As much as early this disease diagnosed, cure is that much easily possible. To know lung cancer early we must know its signs and symptoms.

At the end, now lung cancer is not that much deadly as it is too many years ego. Many stories are there with success. Don’t loose hope and take proper guidance from your physician. For lung cancer information browse through website.

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