Major Cause of Cancer Death in Women is Lung Cancer in Developed Countries

In a new report shows that lung cancer is major cause of death among women instant of breast cancer, due to change in smoking pattern among women worldwide.

Four decades ago women began smoking and the same pattern continues now in developed countries and it may get lead over breast cancer among women. Lung cancer has been the top cause of cancer deaths among men in western world for many years, and the top cause of cancer death for U.S. women for some years.

Most of the time disease caused by smoking, but it take 2 to 3 years to see lung cancer death, because lung cancer take very long time to develop.

In many countries breast cancer death rate is decreasing from the past few years. On the contrary, lung cancer death among women have been continued to increase. But in United State death rate due to lung cancer has flattened off.

In developing countries, lung cancer rates and deaths are increase in coming years as more men and women take up smoking their habit. Already in developed countries, lung cancer is a leading cause of death among men and breast cancer remain the leading cause of death among women. But this has been change in coming few year, if women not change their smoking habit.

The report which prepared with data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, also tell that in coming years lung cancer is a major cause of cancer death in women.

A U.S. cancer expert said that he wasn’t surprised by the results; we have already known that lung cancer is a main cause of cancer death among women in United State, and study also shows that this is not only true for United State but also for other developed countries.

Once people start cockling from poverty, they start adopting bad habits of western culture like smoking; due to this lung cancer death rate grows up and continues increasing.

There are also some other causes of lung cancer, but smoking habit is the top most biggest cause of lung cancer death rate increase in women.

According to report, almost 14.1 million new lung cancer cases and 8.2 million lung cancer deaths occurred worldwide in 2012.

As in developed countries women take more western lifestyle, these countries have more burden of lung cancer related to other disease or other lung cancers.

Cancer is curable and also avoidable, its only depend on your will power of quitting smoking. it has been noticed that Lung cancer can be avoided. Quitting smoking programs can help stop lung cancer and cancers of the mouth and throat, while vaccines help secure against liver and cervical cancer.

Also shows in early research are that increased exercising and healthy diet plans can go a long way to reducing cancers around the worldwide. For those who do develop cancer, better treatments and end-of-life care can reduce their suffering, the scientists added.

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