Lung Cancer Awareness Month Theme is “A Breath of Prevention”

November Lung Cancer Awareness MonthLung cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that affects both men and women all around the world. It is the second common type of cancer. It is responsible for taking lives of many people because it is difficult to identify it. Lung cancer awareness month is celebrated every year in the month of November to highlight the risk factors involved. It highlights the need for more research to be conducted for better understanding of lung cancer. Lung cancer screenings are recommended to those with history of smoking or who have quit within the past 15 years. This awareness month is celebrated to educate everyone around for this disease. This year Lung Cancer Awareness Month Theme is “ A Breath of Prevention” to educate and encourage people to understand the importance of lung cancer signs and symptoms. This helps in early diagnosis and ways to prevent lung cancer.

Throughout the month of November, various conferences are held across the country to help one to find more about this disease. It helps to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis of lung cancer. The causes and symptoms of cancer are discussed on social media. This helps one to know about the importance of early detection.

One of the main challenges of treating patients with this disease is that it is detected at later stage as the symptoms are general in nature which most of us experience in our day to day life. The common symptoms of those suffering from lung cancer include persistent cough, chest infection, loss of appetite, lack of energy etc. As the symptoms are not recognised early and are considered as general ones, this leads to late stage diagnosis and thus, a high immortality rate. Over the last few years, various revolutionary changes are being made in management of lung cancer with the purpose of detecting it at an early stage. The most common method for diagnosis is low-dose CT scan and artificial intelligence is also being complemented with CT process to help in early detection. This leads to improving responses to lung cancer treatment.

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