Lung Cancer Awareness Month November 2023: Theme and Importance

November Lung Cancer Awareness MonthSince 1995, November is held as a global health event for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The organization, all around the world, run campaigns and activities to edcuare people about lung cancer awareness. This year, 2023, the theme is “Education, Empowerment, and Eradication”. The aim is to create awareness to empower local public to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices and promoting education about the importance of screening. It also aims at early diagnosis and preventive measures while framing strategies to aid in eradication of lung cancer.

Lung Cancer is a significant health concern for both men and women all around the world. Lung cancer screenings is recommended for individuals at a higher risk, primarily linked with their smoking history and age. The risk factors associated with lung cancer include smoking tobacco, second-hand smoke, family history, occupational exposure and environmental exposures. When lung cancer is detected at an early stage which is when it is small and has not spread to other parts, it has a better chance of being getting cured. It has also been found via various studies that people who receive an early diagnosis have a 13 times greater chance of surviving for 5 years.

The most common types of lung cancer include small cell lung cancer, lung nodules, non-small cell lung cancer and mesothelioma. The preventive health tips for lung cancer include quitting smoking, avoiding exposure to polluntants, minimizing exposure to outdoor air pollution etc. One should follow a healthy and nutritious diet and do regular exercises. Getting regular checkups is one of the best ways to avoid getting trapped in the vicious circle of lung cancer.

The information shared in this blog is for educational purposes only. You should always consult your health care practitioner for any medical needs.

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