A Hope for Mesothelioma Patients with New Lung Cancer Drug Opdivo

A Hope for Mesothelioma Patients with New Lung Cancer Drug OpdivoLung cancer drug called Opdivo is offering a new hope for the treatment of mesothelioma patients. This drug is approved by FDA and helps to kill cancer stem cells. These cancer cells are the main cause behind the tumor. The drug has also a significant effect in helping mesothelioma patients to cure. It is used as a treatment of advanced squamous non-small cell lung cancer. It works to boost up the immune system with the purpose of fighting off the cancer cells. In other words, it acts as a catalyst.

Opdivo works by blocking the cellular pathway called PD-1 protein cells. It is designed to inhibit that protein on cells that is responsible for blocking the immune system from attacking cancer. This is called immunotherapy where the body fights off against the disease. It is also considered as the future of cancer care. It is also known as nivolumab and it has got second name after showing the capacity to prolong the lives of patients with lung cancer. The drug is promoted by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

Opdivo has got approved for lung cancer treatment and mesothelioma patients may get access to this drug when these conditions are fulfilled:

  • When FDA determines that there is evidence of safety and effectiveness for the particular disease.
  • When FDA finds that intake of this drug will not interfere with related clinical trial.
  • When the doctor determines that there’s no satisfactory alternative therapy available.
  • When the doctor finds that the probable risk to patient is not higher than risk from actual disease.
  • In case, the company developing drug submits a clinical protocol.

The drug got tested in various lung cancer clinical trials and then got approval from FDA for NSCLC after two months of starting a clinical trial. Clinical trials are still underway for approval of this drug for treatment of mesothelioma.

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