A Hope for Mesothelioma Patients with New Lung Cancer Drug Opdivo

There is good news for malignant pleural mesothelioma patients that lung cancer drug opdivo is a new hope for treatment. Opdivo drug help in targeting and killing cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells are key to cancer, cancer stem cells cover only a small portion of cells in a tumor; they are the main cause of metastasis and tumor reappearance with mesothelioma, they are also a significant cause of resistance of tumor, which allows the cancer to survive and grow even though radiation treatment.

Researchers announce on March in US that a drug called Opdiv; that can reduce cancer steam cells powerfully; can help mesothelioma patients to cure. This drug for non-small cell lung cancer patients has proved immunotherapy.

Opdiv also known as nivolumab; after showing unprecedented capability to prolong the lives of lung cancer patients with metastatic disease, it gets its second name. Opdivo, promoted by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, is developed to restrict the proteins on tissues that prevent the body’s defense mechanisms from fighting the melanoma. Body’s defense mechanisms called immune system is a very week and important part and with such a deadly disease like lung cancer or metastatic disease it become very-very week and make human too much ill. If a patient has good immune system, then his body easily fights with disease during therapy.

Opdiv drug has only approval for Lung Cancer patients. It may get approval soon from FDA’s for mesothelioma patients, if these conditions are met:

  • If the FDA found that there is an evidence of the safety and effectiveness for this particular disease.
  • If the FDA found that providing this drug to mesothelioma patients will not interfere with the disease related clinical trial.
  • If doctors determine that there is no other therapy is available.
  • If the probable risk of this drug is not bigger than the risk of disease.
  • The company developing the drug submits a medical method for its use.

Opdiv tested in various lung cancer clinical trials and get approval from FDA for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) just after two months of starting a clinical trial test or you can say the get approval after three months because of its unqualified success.

This drug saves life of many Lung Cancer patients and this process still continues…. Soon it will start saving the lives of Mesothelioma patients.

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