Life after Lobectomy for Lung Cancer

Lobectomy, lung cancer surgery, is a life-changing event. Though it is aimed at extending the life of patient but can impact the emotional and mental health. It is never easy to face the consequences after undergoing a procedure like this.  Here, we are discussing about recovery after lobectomy. Having a better grasp of what lies ahead helps you in living a better quality of life.

Exhaustive Care

After you are done with lobectomy, you will be monitored closely for few hours in the recovery room. This helps doctors to get to know about your condition. Researchers are paying attention to how people feel, how readily they are back to their normal life and how to improve the quality of life.

Challenging Emotions

The emotional stress may be high during or after the surgery. The immediate family members need to assure that the person is able to cope up with the mental challenges.

Walking with Assistance

Though rest is important post surgery, but slow walk with assistance is also good. One may feel fatigued quickly when walking but increasing activity helps to regain strength quickly. Walking also helps in reducing the risk of developing blood clots. You will need to walk everyday to keep your lungs healthy.

Signs of Infection

If you experience fever or shortness of breath, you should call your doctor. You may notice fatigue and that can be frustrating. It is important to keep your surgical wound clean and dry. Most people have some discomfort for the first few months.


Rehabilitation program includes structured breathing exercises, aerobic and weight training instructions, nutritional counseling and stress reduction training. This program is a part of the recovery and helps patients to recover easily and quickly.

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