Last Stages of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer StagesThe last stages of lung cancers are the most dreadful period for the patients. In these stages, the cancer becomes difficult to control. Treatments for the last stages of lung cancer are always complex, sometimes they end with complications and side effects. The stage four of the non-small cell lung cancer is the last stage of lung cancer. The cancer tumors at this stage of the disease are large in size and have spread to the entire lung, lymph node, and other parts of the body. At this stage of lung cancer, the treatments are given are for minimizing symptoms associated with the disease.

During these last stages of lung cancer, patients always have a lot going through their mind; the fear of death overwhelms their mind. Some patients are strong enough to fight the cancer till their last breath, while some easily give up and succumb to the imminent tragedy of death. There are obvious physical changes which occur during the last stages of lung cancer disease and the changes most times are not always the same with every patient. Some patients feel pain all over their body while some might not feel any pain; some have difficulty in breathing and need oxygen to control the regulation of air, while some may breathe comfortably without needing extra oxygen. But, there are common symptoms that occur to every patient whose cancer condition is at the last stage. And, these changes include fatigue, weight loss, headache, weakness of speech, etc. These changes occur as a result of cancer spreading to other parts of the body such as the bone, brain, chest, spinal cord and so on.

The signs usually noticed in the last stages of lung cancer are coolness and paleness of the skin, loss of appetite for both food and drink, irregular breathing, in perspiration, hallucination, and so on.

Irrespective of the stage and spread of lung cancer, one should never lose hope. Inner strength plays a pivotal role in the well-being of patient.

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