How to Cope Up With Fear of Recurrence Of Lung Cancer

Lung CancerWhen the treatment for lung cancer begins, the patients eagerly wait for the completion. But, one of the most common issues being faced by lung cancer survivors is the fear of recurrence of this deadly disease. Cancer recurrence is coming back of cancer after its treatment. The patients often face many mental, emotional and physical challenges even after the completion of treatment. Fear of cancer coming back is common among survivors and the thought of recurrence is always among them.

Today, we discuss about some of the useful ways that may help survivors to deal with this fear. You should always ask your healthcare provider about what can be done to reduce recurrence chance. These are general tips certainly not a substitute for medical advice.

Make Healthy Choices

One should focus on following healthy diet with inclusion of plenty of fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise also helps in keeping you energized and engaged. You should get enough sleep as well.

Follow up Appointments and Tests

Lung cancer treatment does not end up with following therapies but also include regular follow-ups. You should religiously follow your appointments as they are equally important in maintaining your well-being.

Talk about your Feelings

It is natural to worry about recurrence of lung cancer but this worry can be avoided or reduced by talking to your friendsam and family members. You can also join social group and talk about your feelings.

Reduce Stress

One can join meditation class or yoga class or can spend time in things which make them happy and relaxed. Keeping yourself stressed enhances your fears. Thus, you should do activities and keep yourself engaged in times of stress.

Talk to your healthcare provider

Your healthcare provider knows about your emotional and mental condition. It is essential to consult them regularly as well as whenever you feel the need to. You can also pen down your fears and express your concerns on your visit.

The information shared in this blog is for educational purposes only.

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