High-Glycemic Foods Can Raise the Risk of Lung Cancer

High Glycemic Foods RiceAccording to a new study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, consuming high glycemic index may have a greater risk for developing lung cancer. Glycemic Index is a measure of carbohydrate in the foods and how quickly it affects blood glucose levels.

High-Glycemic Foods Ice CreamIn this study, the researchers analyzed the data of 1,905 participants with lung cancer and 2,413 healthy people who didn’t have cancer. High-Glycemic Foods White BreadThe participants underwent in-person interviews and were asked to diagnose their healthy history and dietary behaviors. The researchers found that eating a diet with high-glycemic index has link with higher risk of developing lung cancer. High-Glycemic Foods WatermelonThose who ate high-gylcemic foods were 49% more likely to have lung cancer in comparison to those who ate a low-gylcemic diet.

The senior study author Dr. Xifeng Wu of Department of Epidemiology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center said that the previous research investigated how GI of a diet is associated with certain types of cancer. High-Glycemic Foods CarrotHe also said, “The associations were more pronounced among subjects who were never smokers. High-Glycemic Foods GrapesThe results from this study suggest that, besides maintaining healthy lifestyles, such as avoiding tobacco, limiting alcohol consumption and being physically active, reducing the consumption of foods and beverages with high-glycemic index may serve as a means to lower the risk of lung cancer.”

High-Glycemic Foods WafflesThe study examines the relationships between GI and lung cancer. It is the first to examine this relationship including those who never smoked. While tobacco being the leading cause of lung cancer, the researchers discovered that they were more than twice as likely to develop lung cancer as those in the lowest quintile.

High-Glycemic Foods OrangeThe team of researchers admits that there are some limitations to the study. GI and GL calculations were based on participants’ self-reported food intakes. Experts believe that about 30% to 40% of all types of cancer can be prevented with healthy diet and lifestyle.

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