Complications of Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer: Symptoms and TreatmentThe main treatment options for lung cancer include surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy; each of these treatments is carried out depending on the type of lung cancer the patient is suffering from, and the stage of the lung cancer. Lung cancer treatment complications can occur in the process of any of the treatments or after the treatment; most times the health condition of the patient determines the extent of complications. Lung cancer can cause problems when other organ in the body gets affected; this implies that as lung cancer progresses in stage, there are more possibilities of complications arising.

Sometimes, complications of lung cancer are caused by treatment, if the treatment to be carried out is complicated one, it will usually involve complications during the treatment or at the end of the treatment. Complication of lung cancer can lead to a more serious health issue if it is not looked into before it aggravates, it can cause variety of breathing and heart problems. Complications of lung cancer are numerous; it includes profuse bleeding, body weakness, nerve damage, excruciating pains in affected areas. If complications occur around the heart or major vessels, it can affect the veins and arteries.

However, it is very important to know the symptoms and signs that are related to this complication so that it can be easily observed and treated early. Lung cancer can give rise to complications such as shortness of breath, which occurs when the airways is being blocked, it can also lead to the patient coughing out blood which occur as a result of bleeding in the airway. Complications of lung cancer can occur in any form depending on the organ that is being affected. Once lung cancer has spread to other organs in the body, complications are likely to occur at one point or the other; it might be before, during or after treatment.

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