Chinese Herb Nan Sha Shen For Lung Cancer

Nan Sha ShenAbout Nan Sha Shen

Chinese herbs work by damaging the structure of the cancer cells. They help to stop the growth of cancer cells so that the tumor shrinks. The Chinese herbs are increasingly been used to beat lung cancer and are known for their effectiveness. Today, we are talking about one such herb called as Nan Sha Shen. Nan Sha Shen is also known as American silvertop root and it also acts as an antibiotic. It is cultivated in most areas of Southern China and is plucked in spring and autumn. It grows in cold climate and grows up to 30cm. It grows where there is bright sunlight and moist soil.  The medicinal part of this herb is the root which is delicious and also offers numerous health benefits. The roots are almost flavorless with only a sweet taste to them. This Chinese herb is used in the treatment of lung cancer.

Curing Lung Cancer

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, Nan Sha Shen has a cooling property and it nourishes the yin to clear heat from the lung. It the root of the plant is used to relieve symptoms associated with the lung cancer. It can also be combined with bei sha shen to support cancer treatment.  The healing powers of Nan Sha Shen help cancer patients.


The typical dosage is between 10 to 15 grams and is boiled in water and drunk as a decoction. Adenophora is sweet and slightly bitter.  This Chinese herb comes with cancer-promoting compounds. It is considered safe when used appropriately. Research has also shown that it should not be taken in conjunction with the herb.

Other Uses

In addition to helping in lung cancer treatment, it also comes with numerous health benefits such as improving immune functions, enhancing the body’s ability to resist diseases and keeping the skin moist. It also helps to treat coughs along with bronchitis, pulmonary infections and dry throat.

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