Chinese Herbs for Lung Cancer Treatment

Chinese HerbsChinese herbs are being used in the treatment of various human diseases for thousands of years. They have also shown great promise for reducing the pain and symptoms associated with lung cancer. Many medicinal plants have been tested for finding their anti-cancer effectiveness. We have talked about the effectiveness of Chinese herbs in several posts and here is a compilation of the Chinese herbs for lung cancer treatment.

Nan Sha Shen: Nan Sha Shen is a useful Chinese herb that helps to stop growth of cancer cells in the body. It works to help patients in relieving the symptoms associated with lung cancer.

Oldenlandia Diffusa: This Chinese herb works to reduce the production of cancer compounds in the affected area. It works by inhibiting the growth of tumor and stimulating the immune system.

Asparagus Root: Asparagus Root helps in the treatment of lung cancer by moistening and purifying the lung. It helps in removing the toxins and thus, improving the respiratory functions. It also gives mental happiness to the lung cancer patient.

Poria: Poria is also called as Fu Ling and helps to prevent new blood vessels.  This antibacterial herb is odorless and is effective with its anti-cancer properties.

Gan Cao: This harmonizing Chinese herb has shown to offer positive results in the treatment of lung cancer. It moistens the muscles and eases the breathing process. It is also combined with other herbs.

Huang Qin: Huang Qin is a useful Chinese herb that works to improve immunoglobulins among the cancer patients. It works to reduce the complications involved in the treatment of lung cancer. It aims to restore the body balance.

Sea Cucumber: Sea Cucumber is another effective Chinese herb that is used for lung cancer treatment. In addition to lung cancer, it also helps in fighting against breast, skin and liver cancers.

Previously we trying to discuss these herbs in detail, please browse through to read them in detail for their uses and benefits.

The Chinese herbs do not come with side effects, but you should always consult your practitioner before starting intake of any.

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All the details provided are for informational purposes only and are certainly not the substitute for medical advice.

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