Causes of Lung Cancer

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Major Cause of Cancer Death in Women is Lung Cancer in Developed Countries

Increase In Lung Cancer Deaths Among Western Women
In a new report shows that lung cancer is major cause of death among women instead of breast cancer, due to change in smoking pattern among women [...]

Is E-Cigarette Vapors, Flavorings, Trigger Are Help In Leaving Smoking Habit?

Debates are continuing that E-Cigarette or Electronic Cigarette help in quit smoking and in a new study of Rochester University found that E-Cigarettes are [...]

When Lung Cancer Spreads To The Brain

Lung Cancer In Brain
The most common type of cancer that spreads easily to the brain is lung cancer. When lung cancer spreads to the brain, it implies that cancer cells broken off [...]

Remission and Reoccurrence of Lung Cancer

Reoccurrence of Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the most feared type of cancer due to its rate of progression, and the number of lives it has claimed over the years. Remission is a situation [...]

MicroRNAs in Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer
MicroRNAs are non-coding RNAs which express the regulation of genes both at transcriptional and translational level. The effect and deregulation of microRNAs [...]

Leading Causes of Lung Cancer

Radon Gas | Lung Cancer
The rate at which lung cancer is being developed by people is alarming. The reason is because there is high level of exposure to the leading causes. [...]

Fail In Spot Of Lung Cancer Symptoms Increase The Death Rate Among Lung Cancer Patients

Lung Cancer Symptoms
One in three lung cancer sufferers die within 90 days of being clinically diagnosed because GPs are unable to identify the signs, surprise analysis. More than [...]

Common Causes of Lung Cancer

Stop Smoking
There are so many causes of lung cancer, but there are some common causative factors which lead to lung cancer. Common causes of lung cancer are so common that [...]

Main Causes of Lung Cancer

Things to Know About Lung Cancer
In the entire world, lung cancer is mostly responsible for death tragedies that occur in both men and women. The primary cause of lung cancer is carcinogens [...]

Different Causes of Lung Cancer

Air Pollution
The causes of lung cancer are numerous, due to which the danger of developing the disease has drastically increased over the years. The different causes of [...]

Causes Of Lung Cancer

Radon Gas | Lung Cancer
In the entire world, lung cancer is mainly responsible for death tragedies that occur in both men and women. The main cause of lung cancer are carcinogens from [...]

General Causes of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer
Lung cancer, is a dangerous and deadly disease in which every information about it is worth knowing about in order to get informed about its dangers. Lung [...]

Why Non-Smoker’s Affected By Lung Cancer?

Radon Gas | Lung Cancer
Most individuals know that cigarette smoking causes cancer, but may not realize how many non-smokers get lung cancer, too. Every year, about 16,000 to 24,000 [...]

Diagnose Lung Cancer With These Early 9 Signs

Lung Cancer Symptoms
Lung cancer may not generate any noticeable signs in the beginning. In approximately 40% of individuals clinically identified as having lung cancer, the [...]

Describing The Ins And Outs Of Cancer

Describing The Ins And Outs Of Cancer
Few terms attack more worry into individuals than the phrase cancer. The worry of what might occur can in itself be very destructive to a person's [...]

A Lung Cancer Diagnosis Is Not The End Of The World – Read These Helpful Tips

A Lung Cancer Diagnosis Is Not The End Of The World - Read These Helpful Tips
Lung cancer is probably the scariest illness you ever have in life. While there are many potentially fatal diseases, millions of people have died from lung [...]