Can Passive Smoking Cause Lung Cancer?

Secondhand SmokeSmoking harms not only harms the person but also the one who breaths in other people’s smoke. Smoking is bad for health for those who are being around someone who smokes.

What is Passive or Second Hand Smoking?

Passive or second hand smoke comes from the smoke that smokers exhale. It is the combination of sidestream smoke and mainstream smoke. Sidestream smoke is the smoke given off by burning tobacco product such as cigarette, cigar or pipe. On the other hand, mainstream smoke is the smoke exhaled by a smoker.  When non smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke, it is called as passive smoking.

Why is secondhand smoking dangerous?

Passive smoking has high concentrations of cancer-causing agents and these small particles make their way to the lungs. Secondhand smoke is known for causing cancer as it has at least 70 chemicals that can cause cancer. Research has shown that it even causes lung cancer in those who have never smoked.

Secondhand Smoke and Children

The ones who are most affected by secondhand smoke are the young children. Most of their exposure comes from adults, parents or others, smoking at home. It can cause them to have more lung infections and are more likely to face shortness of breath or cough or wheeze. Secondhand smoke can also cause asthma attacks or even cause new cases of asthma in kids having no such symptoms before.

Exposure of Secondhand Smoke

The exposure to secondhand smoke is mostly in workplaces and public places. Everyone gets exposed to secondhand smoke when visit public places where smoking is allowed. In addition, one can get exposure at their home also. The family members of smokers are likely to get health problems.

Though the government is making efforts towards protecting the health of employees and others in public places, but one should not wait for it. You should decide to make your home smoke-free. If you smoke, quit smoking now.

What do you think about secondhand smoke? What do you think can be done to limit one’s exposure to passive smoking? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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