Back Pain – An Early Sign of Lung Cancer?

Back-Pain-–-An-Early-Sign-of-Lung-CancerLung Cancer is one of deadliest diseases and one of the major reasons behind it getting incurable is due to its recognition at a later stage. Most lung cancer symptoms are being ignored by the patients and thus, resulting in non-detection of lung cancer at early stage. There are a number of causes behind back pain but it can accompany certain types of cancer including lung cancer. As per statistics offered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, about 25% of people having lung cancer experience back pain.

Back pain is among the first lung cancer symptom that people experience even prior to diagnosis. This back pain might be a symptom of lung cancer or its spread. While the association of lung cancer and back pain may seem unusual, but there are unique. When we think about back pain, we cannot relate it to lung cancer. Generally, back pain is associated with physical traumas, arthritis etc. But, there are some possible ways where lung cancer can produce back pain.

Back pain occurring owing to lung cancer include back pain that goes worst at night, pain that occurs without any activities, back pain rises when you take a deep breath and the back pain not responding to physical therapies or other medical interventions. In addition, back pain due to spinal fracture may also relate to lung cancer. Lung cancer among non-smokers is on the rise and one needs to look out for other symptoms responsible behind occurrence of this disease.

In case where back pain is related to pressure caused by tumor, treatments like surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy are utilized to reduce tumor size. If back pain is getting worse or is not responding to typical treatments, contact your medical healthcare. The doctors are able to diagnose the problem well in time. Early diagnosis results in early treatment and thus, complete and safe cure.

The information shared in this blog is for educational purposes only. This is not a substitute for medical advice.

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