Ayurvedic Drug: Vasavaleha to Treat Lung Cancer

VasavalehaTreatment of lung cancer in Ayurveda has started getting recognition from all around the world. Ayurveda is playing a pivotal role in helping the lung cancer patients to lead a healthy and happy life. Vasavaleha is a well-known ayurvedic medicine in the form of jam or paste. Primarily, it is used for treating respiratory disorders. As lung cancer patients often face respiratory problems, this ayurvedic medicine helps them to cure. Its natural ingredients work to reduce the symptoms associated with the deadly disease of lung cancer.


Vasavaleha is effective in managing a number of ailments. It comes loaded with therapeutically properties such as anti-allergy, anti-tubercular, anti-microbial and more. This fruitful herb is also known to manage problems of bronchitis, clear air passages and provide relief from cold and cough. It helps the patients to manage their asthma problem and enhance immunity in the body. In addition to resolving respiratory problems, it is also used in treatment of pain abdomen, bleeding disorders and fever.


As far as the dosage is concerned, 6 to 12 grams is taken once or two times a day before or after food. The dosage varies according to the patient. You should take it as directed by your Ayurvedic doctor. Usually, it is administered with warm water or honey or milk.


The ingredients of Vasavaleha include vasa, long pepper, butter, honey and sugar. Vasa and sugar are heated to form a semi solid consistency. Then, butter and powdered long pepper are added. Honey is also added to form a homogenous mixture.

Side Effects

Though there are no side effects associated with Vasavaleha, but high dosage may cause stomach irritation. If you face any unusual symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Also, diabetic patients should take it under medical supervision only.

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