Ayurvedic Drug: Hema-Garbha-Ras to Treat Lung Cancer

Hema-Garbha-RasLung cancer is responsible for most cancer deaths all around the world. In addition to the normal course of treatment, ayurveda is playing a crucial role in the lung cancer treatment. The ayurvedic medicines are given as an additional line of therapy and help to reduce or prevent the spread of lung cancer to other parts of the body. Ayurveda for lung cancer helps to cure it without any side effects.  One of the effective herbs is Hema-garbha-ras. It is prepared from minerals and herb juices like aloe vera and chitrak. The medicine should only be taken under medical supervision.


Hema-garbha-ras is available in tablet form and the dosage is usually 62.5 – 125 mg in morning and evening. It is generally taken before or after food or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor. Usually, it is administrated for a period of a month. You should consult your doctor about the exact dosage requirements as it varies from person to person. The health conditions, age, height, weight and other issues are considered before recommendation of the dosage. The herb is also used for treatment of tuberculosis, chronic diarrhea and acute conditions of respiratory systems.

Precautions to be Taken

Self medication of Hema-garbha-ras can be dangerous. It contains heavy metal ingredients and should be taken in precise dosage. Though ayuvedic medicines do not come with any side effects, but it is always recommended to inform your health care provider. Herbs can interact with chemotherapy drugs and thus, you should not start or stop intake of any medicine without consultation. It is best avoided in pregnancy, breast-feeding and in children.

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The information shared in this post is for educational purposes only and is certainly not a substitute for medical advice.

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  1. Hi Can we find this herb juice in stores or do we have to prepare it manually by mixing the aloe vera and chitrak? And which one do you recommend? The tablets form or the juice version? I believe the juice will be better than the tablet version.

    1. You can found it in tab form in ayurvedic stores. I think finding juice is difficult. Please visit ayurvedic doctor who subscribe you this Hema-Garbha-Ras for detail about its intake and in which form its easily available.

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