Anti-Cancer Properties of Saffron to help Lung Cancer Patients

SaffronLung cancer is the most common form of cancer worldwide. It is not only difficult to cure but also has a high incidence of recurrence. Thus, the development of effective anti-cancer strategies is needed for prolonged survival of lung cancer.

Saffron is the dried dark red or yellow stigmas of crocus flower, Crocus sativus. It is a widely used food additive. Saffron contains a multitude of bioactive molecules such as crocin, crocetin and safranal which help to stop cancer from forming. The extract of Saffron when taken orally has shown in animal studies to prevent tumors from forming prior to exposure to carcinogens. Saffron has long been used in folk medicine.

Researchers over the period of time and across several studies have found that saffron contains cancer-preventive properties. It helps to inhibit the formation of tumor and prevention of DNA mutations that can activate cancer genes. Saffron has effective anti-inflammatory effects and that is why it works well in cell and animal studies as a cancer treatment. Saffron has shown to help in reducing the harmful effects caused by chemotherapy drugs taken by lung cancer patients. Chemotherapy drugs can induce genetic damage that may lead to new cancers.

In addition to this, saffron contains a host of beneficial and biologically active compounds that work to protect the heart and blood vessel tissues for easing the impact of diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Saffron is also used in traditional medicine for a number of diseases such as vomiting, fever, cold, bronchitis, asthma, cardiovascular disorders and also cancer.

To date, saffron and its extracts have demonstrated compelling preventive effects against cancers of lung, liver, breast, blood, pancreas and stomach. A lot more research is required to be done to come at conclusive results.

It is considered as a promising chemotherapeutic agent in lung cancer treatment.


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