Alternate Lung Cancer Therapy: Meditation

MeditationMeditation can have several benefits for people who are suffering from lung cancer. Many cancer centers offer meditation as an alternative therapy for lung cancer. A cancer diagnosis and treatment involves a lot of stress, pain and anxiety and meditation is one of the ways to help reduce that stress. Research has shown that meditation helps to lower the symptoms of lung cancer.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of finding a place to clear your mind of past struggles and future worries while focusing on the present. The purpose is to quite your mind and be present in the moment. It is the deliberate self-regulation of attention and there are many types of it. Some are practiced in sitting position while some include movement. The aim is to enhance or stimulate the immune system of the cancer patient.

How Meditation Helps?

Meditation can be helpful in reducing the impact of stress while strengthening them to cope with living with cancer. The meditation techniques work to help cancer patients relax, refresh and renew their soul. In addition to helping in reducing the pain of lung cancer, it also helps to decrease the heart rate, lower blood pressure and improve mood.

Lung Cancer and Meditation

Meditation has shown to offer specific benefits for those living with cancer such as reducing depression and anxiety, reducing stress and chronic pains. Cancer patients often face the problem of difficulty with sleep and meditation helps to work on that area also.

Though meditation is a very safe practice but some people may feel anxious or disoriented. You can also check out how yoga can help you with lung cancer treatment.

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