What to Consider Before Getting A Lung Cancer on Marijuana Medication?

Marijuana MedicationLung cancer is one of the major causes of death, particularly in the US. It has been found that more people die because of it as compared to other types of cancers. One of the reasons might be that people are addicted to smoking tobacco while some smoke just to look cool without realizing that it is gradual death. People who smoke or passive smokers i.e. those who inhale smoke from their surroundings, are more prone to lung cancer. Your lungs are designed to inhale oxygen that keeps your other organ healthy if your lungs will be affected, your other organs are equally prone to damage. However, recent medical researchers have been working to find a solution for it that might be suitable for all kinds of patients. The increased interest in using marijuana for medical purposes has led medical marijuana doctor to figure out if it can be helpful in treating lung cancer or not. Before we go into that detail, let us know about the basics of lung cancer.

How do we detect lung cancer?

Lung cancer is caused due to various reasons, while smoking is the major one. Other reasons may include family history or constant exposure to harmful gases or polluted air. To be honest, it cannot be detected at the beginning because the disease shows no symptoms until it advances. Later, you can detect it by frequent coughing coupled with a small amount of blood. There might be difficulty in breathing properly which will cause chest pain. Other symptoms like headache, bone pain and abnormal weight loss must also be taken seriously.

What are the general methods to treat lung cancer?

Depending upon the type of lung cancer and the stage of it, treatments may vary. There are two main types of lung cancers i.e. small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, which is more common. After diagnosis, doctors suggest treatment depending upon the stage of cancer. It can be treated through surgery where doctors will remove the cancerous tissue. Secondly, you can opt for chemotherapy and the drugs will be given to you either through medication or injections or both to kill the tumor. Moreover, radiotherapy is also found to be helpful in which high energy waves are used to kill cancer. Moreover, another way can be targeted therapy, i.e. doctors try to kill the tumor through medication.

Besides curing lung cancer, all of these treatments will have their own side effects. Therefore, to reduce the side effects of treatment doctors use other medicines and therapies like meditation. This supportive care from doctors is known as palliative care and a team of doctors tries to make you comfortable before, during and after the treatment.

Marijuana Medication

Is marijuana really an option for lung cancer treatment?

To be honest, the research in this domain is very limited to date but so far, the results of experimentation have found it to be fruitful. Medical marijuana has a high ratio of delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that has been found to be helpful in reducing tumor growth and reduces its chances to spread. Moreover, medical marijuana is also found to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of the disease and is also beneficial in reducing the side effects of other medications. For example, it can reduce anxiety, depression, and headache as it already known for its therapeutic effects. Moreover, it can help to ease the body pain or nerve pain and reducing the uneasiness caused by nausea. 

To Conclude:

We cannot deny the medical and therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana, but the potential of the drug is yet to be explored. The research in this domain is at earlier stages but it is still being used as the treatment for other diseases which is indicative of its potential to be used as a medicine. Moreover, the important thing if you are considering opting for medical marijuana, let your doctor collaborate with a medical marijuana consultant so that keeping in view your medical history and the current medications, a carefully designed treatment can be implanted. The drug itself has side effects so a professional consultation is highly recommended so it can be used effectively. However, as it is always said, precaution is better than cure, make sure to avoid any circumstances that will harm your health.

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