What Is Liquid Biopsy For Lung Cancer?

Lung CancerLung cancer remains the most frequently diagnosed cancer type and is the leading cause of cancer related deaths worldwide. Most lung cancer patients have distant metastasis at initial diagnosis of lung cancer and thus, it is essential to find new tumor markers for diagnosis of lung cancer at early stage and thus following up right treatment. Tumor markers play an important part in early diagnosis of this deadly disease and its treatment as well. As lung canver tumor is often difficult to reach and may need an invasive procedure, liquid biopsy for lung cancer comes useful. Liquid biopsies generally include circulation of tumor cells, tumor DNA, RNA etc.

Liquid biopsy is the anaylsis of tumor derived material which is circulating in the blood or any other body fluid. It is a simple and effective blood test that can help to detect and treat lung cancer. This is the process by which blood or bodily secretions are tested for cancer cells. Further, liquid biopsies help clarify the characteristics of lung cancer as theu identify tumor cells released into the blood by growth of cancer cells. It has the ability to diagnose lung cancer amd also reveal its type, cancer cells have gene mutations or not and more.

They can non-invasively detect any targeted alteration and guide corresponding targeted therapies. Liquid biopsy has the potential to manage non small cell lung cancer at any stage including treatment selection, monitoring response to treatment, analyzing and overcoming acquired resistance etc.

To wrap up, liquid biopsies have offered a new way to early screen, diagnose and treat lung cancer, especially in cases where tissue samples cannot be obtained. In future, liquid biopsy is expected to play a greater role in early diagnosis and monitoring of lung cancer.

The information shared in this blog is for educational purposes only and is certainly not a medical advice.

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