What Are The Lung Cancer Symptoms?

Lung Cancer SymptomsLung cancer is among one of the most common forms of cancers found in men and women. It is a leading cause of death from cancers. Usually, lung cancer begins in the cells that line your lungs. Cigarette smoking is the major cause behind lung cancer. Smokers, as well as people exposed to secondhand smoke are most likely to get affected by this disease. Cigarette smoking has a direct proportional relation with the risk of getting lung cancer. The more cigarettes one smokes, the more are the chances of getting affected by lung cancer. Although it is not that non-smokers cannot have lung cancer. High levels of pollution as well as asbestos exposure are also leading causes behind lung cancer.

Whatever may be the causes of lung cancer, it is really vital to know about its symptoms and a widely asked question is that what are the lung cancer symptoms? How can one know that lung cancer has started to evolve? There are many symptoms or signs and one of them is the chest discomfort.  Intense discomfort is surely an indicator of lung cancer. Other common signs include shortness of breath, coughing up blood, wheezing, and chest or abdomen pain and weight loss. Cancer cells obstruct the airflow and cause serious breathing problems. Knowing about the symptoms helps patients to take corrective actions to cure this disease. When signs of lung cancer are diagnosed at an early stage, it increases the percentage of a cure from lung cancer.

In lung cancer, there are many non-specific symptoms as well. These may include fever, bone pain and weight loss. The cancer may spread to other parts of the body as well. It is vital to acknowledge the symptoms of lung cancer to get lung cancer treatment at the right time. Often, lung cancer causes patients with pneumonia that leads to muscle weaknesses. When patients are tested for pneumonia, lung cancer is diagnosed.

This article has been written with the view to provide readers with useful information about lung cancer symptoms. However, this is not a substitute for medical tests or medical analysis. You should always consult a reputed medical practitioner for any discomforts or pains.

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