Things to Know About Lung Cancer

Things to Know About Lung CancerLung Cancer everybody heard this phrase and gives shocking reaction as they see any ghost. Lung cancer is not that much dangerous as people think, now many researches are done; lots of drugs in a market & various kind of treatment are there. You may also hear the stories of success persons who cure from lung cancer with proper treatment and their strong will power. Here in this post I am discussing some things that you must know about lung cancer.

First and most important thing now lung cancer is no more deadly diseases. You just need don’t loose hope while you or your loved one diagnoses with lung cancer and get proper treatment with health diet and energetic daily routine.

Lung cancer mostly target smokers, but it also occurs in non-smoker well and even more in women. In non-smokers lung cancer may be occurs from many sources like air pollution, second-hand smoke etc. There is a greatest risk of having lung cancer in smokers, roughly saying 10-15% lung cancer patients are non-smokers.

Know your lung cancer symptoms early. Yes, lung cancer death rate dropped but it still here because lack of knowledge about signs of lung cancer. Symptoms of lung cancer including shorten of breath, a cough that does not go away, back and shoulder pain or coughing up blood.

It’s never too late to quit smoking; if you quit smoking now may you don’t have lung cancer in future. There are many people who in their past are change smoker but quit smoke on time and living a health life now.

One out of five women with lung cancer is non-smoker while one out of ten men with lung cancer is non-smoker. So, it’s a big risk on women having lung cancer while they are smoking or not.

One thing always in your mind, if you have any warning sign then goes and tested. Better be diagnosed early then late.

Live healthy life with awareness.

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