Test for Detecting Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer TestsIt is very important to carry out tests so as to determine precisely the type of lung cancer that is present in the body. The following tests can be used to detect lung cancer in the body.

Body Examination Test and History

The body examination test is a physical test in which the body is checked out for signs of cancer such as lumps or any other abnormal growth. The entire part of the body is checked to know if any growth effect will be felt. The history of a person can be used to detect lung cancer, it includes smoking, past illness, past jobs, and environment lived. People with smoking history can be detected with lung cancer.

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests are carried out in the laboratory, and it involves testing samples of tissues, blood, urine, and other substance from the body. These tests help to detect the presence of any disease including lung cancer.

Chest X-Ray

Since lung cancer is majorly related to the chest, x-ray of organs and bones within the chest region can be done to detect lung cancer. An X-Ray is a test which involves exposing the body under a strong beam of light in order to capture the organs in the body.

CT Scan

CT scan is a test which involves taking detailed pictures of area inside the body. The pictures are created through a computer system connected to an x-ray machine which captures the body parts within the body and sends it to the computer for clear visibility.

Sputum Cytology

This involves viewing a sample of sputum coughed out from the lung under a microscope in order to check for the presence of cancer cells.


This is a test which involves looking inside the trachea and large airways with in the lungs to check for abnormal cells. A device called bronchoscope is being inserted through the nose or mouth to be able to view the trachea and lungs.


This is a surgical test which involves looking at organs inside the chest to check for abnormal areas within the body. In this test an incision cut is made between the ribs, a device called thoracoscope is inserted is inserted into the chest to view the lungs. A sample of tissue can be gotten through this device in order to check under the microscope for signs of lung cancer.


This involves the removal of fluids from the space between the lining if the chest and the lung using a needle. The fluid is being viewed under a microscope to check for cancer cells.

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