Causes of Lung Cancer

Lung Carcinoid Tumor

Lung Carcinoid Tumor also called lung neuroendocrine tumors because it is made up of neuroendocrine cells; is a slow growing uncommon tumor and less than 5% [...]

November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is the official Lung Cancer awareness month. In 1995 it started as Lung Cancer awareness day, as lung cancer movements and communities grew it [...]

Tobacco Is More Dangerous Than Smoke For Lung Cancer Patient

There is no doubt that tobacco is more harmful than smoke because tobacco contains many strong chemicals.  Using even a little tobacco smoke can be harmful [...]

Myths and Facts of Lung Cancer Risks

There are lot of Myths and Facts of lung Cancer Risks. Facts that can’t be ignored is the reality that smoking causes lung cancer, and lung cancer dies more [...]

Pollution Is the Cause of Lung Cancer in Bharatiya Females

Among Bharatiya females lung cancer increases rapidly from past few years and it is not by smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco, but due to environmental [...]

Sleeping Pills Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer Three Times!!!

Taking sleeping pills regularly for three year or more increases the risk of lung cancer three times and taking sleeping pills twice a week double the risk of [...]

Lung Cancer Can Be Hidden For 20 Years Without Any Symptom

According to new study, lung cancer shows no signs; even it cannot be diagnosed for up to 20 years. It can be hidden and grow internally with in you without [...]

Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer

Only a smoking or taking tobacco substance is not a single cause of lung cancer, there may be a person who never smoke or chew tobacco; but he is diagnosed [...]

Signs and Symptoms of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Having talked about non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and its types, now we are focusing on the causes and symptoms of NSCLC. A number of factors are [...]

Cancer Causing Food Which You Eat Daily

It’s very tough to eat healthy food daily, after long working hours. There are many situations where it attacks but very often. The good example of cancer [...]

Major Cause of Cancer Death in Women is Lung Cancer in Developed Countries

In a new report shows that lung cancer is major cause of death among women instant of breast cancer, due to change in smoking pattern among women [...]

Is E-Cigarette Vapors, Flavorings, Trigger Are Help In Leaving Smoking Habit?

Debates are continuing that E-Cigarette or Electronic Cigarette help in quit smoking and in a new study of Rochester University found that E-Cigarettes are [...]

When Lung Cancer Spreads To The Brain

The most common type of cancer that spreads easily to the brain is lung cancer. When lung cancer spreads to the brain, it implies that cancer cells broken off [...]

Remission and Reoccurrence of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most feared type of cancer due to its rate of progression, and the number of lives it has claimed over the years. Remission is a situation [...]